How to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria and Get paid

How to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria and Get paid

How to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria and Get paid

In our country today we all think that becoming an air hostess is one of the most difficult job we can ever get, but that is wrong in becoming an air hostess in Nigeria is just like becoming a banker but in the air, to apply for job as an air hostess is just a stone trow away from your house to your school, it’s as easy. After grazing through series of research we put together a captivating article and guidelines on what to do and what to follow in becoming an air hostess in Nigeria stayed tuned.

To become an air hostess in Nigeria today, you are going to need a professional training and guide lines on what to do before participating in the air hosting career and it’s done either through the Nigeria college of aviation Technology ( NCAT ) or other accredited private Unversity for flight attendants.

*How does an Air Hostess Earn in Nigeria?

*What Qualifications do you Need to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria?

*How can I Apply for an Air Hostess in Nigeria

*What to Study to Become an Air Hostess

*Air Hostess Salary in Nigeria

*Air Hostess Training fees

*customer service trait

*secure international visa

It is better we know Before we jump into the result of how to become an air hostess, let quickly have a glimpse and a recap of who is an air hostess for easy understanding.

Who is an Air Hostess?

An air hostess is one who welcome and accommodate travellers service in the plane. When traveling on a plane you get to see beautiful ladies in the plane uniformly dress and good looking with good customer service trait attending to passengers traveling in the plane.

In Nigeria today the job of an air hostess is becoming popular among students and individuals, and The trend keep popping how to become an air hostess.

How does an Air Hostess Earn in Nigeria

An air hostess in Nigeria earn through the airline transportation company they work with. The airline company it’s responsible for there monthly pay and allowance, and in most cases the earnings are in rank the person in coordination of the air hostess get to have the bigger slice than others who are been paid according to there ranks which is known as the beginners.
The begininers like fresh intake new recruits that are newly employed.

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What qualifications do you need, to become an air hostess in Nigeria

It’s pretty simple, it’s not composury you must have a degree in aviation school before you attend the training been given to air hostess, but you must be a master of two foreign language in other for effective conversation with travellers. your height must at least equal 6 to 7 feet tall and good health condition including tolerance.

To become an air hostess in Nigeria the ( NCAT ) The Nigeria college of Aviation Technology is open to every one, you can get your proper training at aviation school in kaduna, NCAT in Zaria, and any other accredited private institution for flight attendant. Then we good to go.

How can I Apply for an Air Hostess in Nigeria

Students always have these feeling of how am I going apply for this job.
After having the necessary qualifications of an air hostess you then can move forward in applying for the job by submitting your application letters to any flight company of your choice, in most cases the submission of this application it’s done online or physical meetings ( through personal interview ) along side with your credentials and your certificate of training.

What to Study to Become an Air Hostess

The course to study as an air hostess it’s listed at the aviation course list which you can get by a click to (NCAT) college site then you see a list of course you can offer to become an air hostess in Nigeria, and how to pilot a plane it’s among the aviation course list but those are meant for the pilots. If you really want to take air hostess as a full time discipline then you need to get into the university for flight attendant. Where you’re going to be taught the basic and secondary things you need to Know before you get the job approval of an air hostess in Nigeria.

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Like in Nigeria we have the NCAT college for training flight attendant up and standing since 1964, then you get you degree. This institute exposes your career and journey of becoming a successful air hostess.

Air Hostess Salary in Nigeria

The minimum payment of any air hostess in Nigeria is ranging from 200,000 – 450,000 Naira. It also depends on what flight are you air hosting for, is it an international or a local that would determine your level of pay.
If you are a worker for the local flight expect lesser, but if you want to be a worker for an international airline the payment should be wow, and mind blowing Ranging from thousands of dollars.

Air Hostess Training fees in Nigeria

The fees for a trainee in the field of air hosting is ranging from 100,000 – 150,000 Naira. And this training can been done either in the university for flight attendant or other private institution for flight attendant.

Customer service trait

The most crucial part of an air hostess is to have a good customer service trait, this customer service trait gives you a clean understanding of people you’re going to meet on the plane, because remember that humans are of different kind with different personalities. You get to meet the beautiful, uglies, gentleman, arrogant and weird ones. Having a good customer service trait help you to understand passengers who would board the plane with you in a long run the term customer service trait actually means the ability to cultivate tolerance when right or wrong. Giving an instance when a passenger rain curse at you for not adding ice to the champagne you serve him, as good air hostess with a good Customer service trait what you are expected of is to apologise and do what is required from the passenger.

Secure international visa

you need to secure an international visa this visa is not only required of you its also helps in boosting your qualifications for the job as an air hostess, some of you meant be asking what international visa do I have to secure the visa that legalise you to travel anywhere some flight companies provide this international visa for you. The Emirates provides the international visa for you after checking your level of qualifications is trust worthy.

In conclusion of the series of how to become an air hostess in Nigeria. After acquiring all this knowledge put them into practice to Become an outstanding air hostess in field, well recommended and trusted by companies, but what is required of you is to study an prepare for it definitely you would be given because you’re exceptional and outstanding. In recap have this keys; What to Study to Become an Air Hostess, What Qualifications do you Need to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria, customer service trait, secure international visa

After acquiring all of this and put into practice, then you are good to be called an air hostess.

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