The Cultural Life of the Australian People

The Cultural Life of the Australian people

In this article I will give you a clear picture of the inside life of Australians, a picture of the things that influences the way they do things and history of how it came about.

I will dive into the pool and bring you everything you need about Australian cultural life in detail. So sit up and enjoy the wonders of these wonderful people.

The Cultural Life of the Australian people

What is Culture

According to British anthropologist Edward Taylor, “Culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as. a member of society”.

What Edward Taylor is saying here is that culture is the choices and the decision a man makes that is determined by the society he or she  grows up in. 

In this article we will look at the cultures that make an Australian Man or Woman.

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Historical development of Australia culture

The amazing life of the Australian people is not just a one day process but a gradual process, from colonisation of the British to the arrival of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people.

The culture of the Australian people is strongly influenced by the British because of the colonisation that began in 1788. The evidence of the British colonisation of the Australian people reflect in the language, their practice of democracy and even Christianity as their dominant religion.

Another people that strongly influence the Australian people are the Aboriginal who are believed to have arrived on the scene as early 60,000 years ago, and evidence of Aboriginal art in Australia dates back at least 30,000 years. 


The Language of the Australian people is the English language but the Australian English which differs from the British and American English. 

Australian English differs in accent, vocabulary, syntax, pronunciation and even spelling. Though there are a few similarities with it to the British English language in spelling than Australian.

Australian English is said to dominate the Australian home strongly to about 80% when compared to Mandarin(1.7%) Italian (1.5%) and Arabic(1.4%).

Australians still use sign language which is called Auslan.

The Australian English language is one of a kind and it dominates and rules the way Australians speak. The Australian English language is so interesting that it is fancied by a lot of foreign audiences.


Religion is one vital part in any community culture. No individual is complete without having something he/she stands for. 

The culture of one’s life cuts across. What they believe in and how their belief affects their social life. What they do, how choices they make reflect on their day to day life. 

The Australian community is mostly dominated by Christian, though other Christian preside over the population which is said to be 61.1% according to the 2011 Australia census 61.1%. 22.3% of Australians declared “no religion” on the census. 

The religion of the Australian is influenced by British colonisation, turning the majority of them into Christian.


Before we dive into what is folklore. It is significant that we know the definition of folklore.

Folklore are stories passed down from generation to generation through words of the mouth. Folklore are those stories that sometimes we don’t even know the source of but it has become completely part of us that we cannot do without.

Folklore is imprinted in every individual. The folklore cut across stories we hear when we were young and we tend to tell to our children or the younger generation.

Australian folklore is no different. The Australian folktales play a very vital role in the livelihood of Australians. It controls their empirical truth and falsehood. This can be seen in the portrayal of bushranger Ned Kelly as a mixture of the underdog and Robin hood. 


The history of an individual cannot exist without the beauty that art provides.

The Australian people are no exception. Australian culture is largely affected by the western way of life, so is their artistry.

The arts in Australia music, painting, dance, theatre and crafts are now highly recognized. 

Art has a high influence on the life of the Australian people. The way they behave, the attitude they give to things, the things they do.


Literature is a branch in art that deals with man’s ability to imagine through the things he/she perceives. It gives a picture of man’s life. The Australian literature gives us a clear picture of what goes around in Australia.

The movies, poems, music, painting, all deal with how man perceives society. Australian literature tends to reflect that. In the Australia literature we notable authors like Marcus Clarke’s for the term of his natural life (1874), Henry Kendall, Charles harpur and Adams Lindsay Gordon won fame in the mid-19th century for their lyric nature poems and patriotic verse.

The Works of Australians is a complete reflection of how one behaves in an Australian community.

This article gives you a clear picture of how Australians live their day-to -day life and what motivates them to make any decision.

The Cultural Life of the Australian people: Frequently Ask Questions

After having the basic understanding of the word culture as been defined earlier on.

Lot of people still leave some yet unsolved questions.

 But Hey!

In this section of the frequently asked tag, we look at all possible questions we can solve to keep you satisfied with your quest.

What is Australia known for Culture? 

Australia is a beautiful country, it’s no news 

That Australia proved to be the Largest country in the world and the smallest continent. Located in the Pacific and Indian oceans in the southern hemisphere.

Australia is known for a lot of things but here are the most popular things Australia is well known for. Australia is the habitat of the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, they have lived in the land for approximately 60,000 years.

The Aboriginals have a special connection to the land and a unique commitment to the family and community.

What is the Most Common Culture in Australia?

There are many ethnic groups spread across Australia, but among all ethnic groups, the most well Known culture is the  Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. They are the most Common c in Australia.

It Is the most Ancient continuous culture on Earth according to historians.

What are the Three Interesting Facts About Australia?

There are so many interesting facts in Australia but among all interesting facts these are the most common facts.

  – The number one interesting fact is that Australia is the country in the world that does not have erupting volcanoes.

 – The largest Greek population beside Athens in Greece, can be found in Melbourne Australia.

  – one hilarious fact occurred when a man tried to sell out New Zealand.

There you go, the most interesting fact that happens in Australia.

How do Australia Say Hello?

If you have been to Australia the common word you here in your stay is the popular word “G day” meaning “hello” or “good day”.

These are the frequently asked questions that is been asked on a day to day basis, don’

 stay in touch!.

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