22 Best Home Business Ideas in Nigeria to Start this Year

22 Best Home Business Ideas in Nigeria to Start this Year

What home business ideas in Nigeria can I explore to make money from the comfort of my home today? If this has been your question, then you’re on the right page.

There are a couple of home business ideas you can start from your home in Nigeria without having to bother about renting a store and all of that expenses at the start.

These home business ideas in Nigeria will definitely not make you an overnight millionaire or a billionaire at one shot, but they’ll make you a lot of money in the long run and even make you millions as you begin to grow and expand.

Out of the hundreds of businesses out there, some will definitely require you to have your own store far from home or just outside the gate of your house. But some of the best businesses require more than just a portable space to stock goods or work from.

So, what home business ideas can you start from home in Nigeria or what businesses fall into the suitable home-based business category?

Right here, I present you 22 home business ideas in Nigeria you can start today and become a big-time businessperson:

22 Best Home Business Ideas in Nigeria to Start this Year

Pig Farming Business

Pork meat is delicious, and that’s why so many people purchase the meat from the market and also from the slaughterhouse. This makes Pig an important, and needed animal. Pig farming is rare, and this is because Pigs are stubborn and somehow unclean (not religiously). But they’re delicious as well.

Pig farming is an excellent home business idea in Nigeria. In time, you can grow your business and expand it.

But at the start, you just need to create a space to keep the Pigs, learn to breed them, and locate a market for them.

People don’t just get the pork meat, some special breed of customers purchase the Pigs alive. So, before jumping right into this business, learn to raise pigs. Learn what it takes to breed them, how they reproduce, and how to become successful in the business.

These dwarf-like half-stubborn pets can wreck a whole new level of havoc on your home if you take them for harmless pets. And they’re also not entirely harmless unlike pet dogs.

Home Barbing Business

If you’re the social type, then I guess you have a lot of contacts on your WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook list.

Again, this is for you if you can barb pretty well. If you’re good at barbing already, then market yourself and the location of your barbing salon would be your home.

If you’re not a barber already and you want to delve into this business, learn the skill, acquire the knowledge and start marketing your skill using your home as the centre for your business.

Printing fliers, and share it across your neighbourhood, and advertise rapidly online to both reach out to new customers and sell yourself as a skilful barber to the people around you.

If you have enough capital to the tune of 50k, then you can both print fliers about your barber salon (which would be your home), print your business cards, and employ a barber to station at a corner of your home as the salon.

In the barbing business, location matters. And if you live in a busy community with a tinge of commerciality, then you’re on your way to starting off a home-based business that yields much fruits.

YouTube Channel Business

YouTube can make you a millionaire. But not overnight, and not you investing time and effort into your work on it.

If you have the passion to create videos or share something with the world, then consider using YouTube as your central channel for information dissemination.

If you can upload enough good videos, super educative or funny video contents and gather just over 1k subscribers, you’re good to start making massive money from YouTube.

The best part, you don’t need a physical store. All you need is an internet connection, and a laptop or a good Android phone.

You’ll also need apps to edit videos or a good video camera to make your video quality express a sense of excellence and clarity. If you’ve got everything in place, then start making videos. Edit them beautifully, do this consistently over the coming months, and keep at it. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This remains one of the best business ideas to start from your home in Nigeria today, and it’s really enjoyable as there are multiple ways to monetize your YouTube channel now than ever.

Zobo Drink Production and Distribution Business

Zobo drink distribution remains one of the easiest businesses you can start from your home in Nigeria today.

It’s easy to learn if you don’t already know how to start it. And you don’t need to look too far for a market to sell your products. You can do this from the comfort of your home and market it to the world.

For this business, packaging matters a lot. How you package your product (which is the zobo drink), determines the extent at which consumers buy into the product and keep their patronage mode ON.

So, learn to prepare Zobo drinks if you don’t already know how it’s done (it shouldn’t take you some days to perfect the procedures), advertise your business online and offline.

And you’re starting from your home, so you can showcase the drinks outside your house, selling to passers-by. There’s a huge market for this drink. It’s medicinal, and tasty. Just about everybody loves the taste and health effects of the homemade drink. 15 Small scale Business in Nigeria

Bead Making Business

You’re good at making beads? Then this is a perfect home business idea in Nigeria for you to start up. Till the world comes to a perpetual end, folks will keep making use of beads either for traditional purposes or to rock native fashion.

If you’re not conversant with the procedures involved in bead-making, it won’t take you a week to learn all you need to learn about it.

Make the beads beautifully in all sizes, and market them online. Also print fliers about your home-based business and share it across your community.

Since beads are also attached to the world of fashion, you can showcase your products outside your house and sell to interested pedestrians.

Bead-making is profitable as a business, but it won’t make you an overnight millionaire in Nigeria. Packaging, customer relationship, and mode of marketing determines how well the business grows.

With time you can expand your business, go get a store, build an office, register your business, and recruit staff to operate under your bead-making/fashion firm. It’s all about the big dream.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is what I’d like to call “soft work”. It’s soft work not because it has to do basically with the activities on the internet, but because you don’t sweat or engage in menial activities.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, just like the name explains it brilliantly… It’s simply marketing a product, business, a place, or anything else using digital efforts and maximizing digital tools to reach predetermined goals.

If you’re armed with this knowledge, it’ll be easy to attract customers from the internet to your physical local business venue, and it’ll be easier to make money in different ways on the internet.

Digital marketing requires your focus and time. You just need to learn more about it online, dedicate time into it and practice more to build your knowledge and expertise.

Google even offers a free and authentic certification to Africans willing to learn digital marketing online at the Google Digital Marketing Garage. They’ll offer you everything you need to learn and you have the kind option to learn it class by class at your own convenience. You’re paying $0.00 for this, and you can start right now by clicking here to the garage centre.

So, the importance of digital marketing cannot be overemphasized. If you learn this properly, you can work remotely for companies across the world and get paid cool cash.

With the knowledge of digital marketing, you’ll be able to reach millions of people on the internet for free (without a dime for real). Digital marketing makes this possible.

There’s a lot you can do with this knowledge, and that includes the ability to cause a spike in the sales performance of a company present online and offline.

Blogging Business

Blogging is one of the businesses you can start from home in Nigeria today. You must’ve heard about bloggers making millions. My best guess is you’re still thinking about how Linda Ikeji makes millions from her blog. How much do I make from my blog? Lol. It’s not millions just yet. But to tell the truth, blogging right is hell lucrative. Yes, blogging right. You could blog the wrong way.

There are lots of people who’ll tell you there’s nothing in blogging and that it’s a waste of time… but they’ve got it wrong and they’ve been doing it the wrong way (if they’ve ever tried blogging).

It’s more like starting a blog, loading it with useful information, promoting it daily, and then monetizing it. I highly recommend reading much about blogging on NeilPatel.com and AdamEnfroy.com.

These two blogs will give you all you will ever need to know to excel in the world of blogging. The latter, Adam Enfroy, made $10k in three months of blogging. How he did it is amazing.

Blogging is indeed one of the coolest business ideas to start from home in Nigeria, and apart from the popular bloggers you probably must’ve read about, there are some low-key bloggers making serious money without making a noise.

Freelancing Business

People make hundreds of dollars each day freelancing from home. It’s all about performing tasks and getting paid for different tasks and by different clients respectively.

You can start this from home and put in enough focus to grow your portfolio. But you’ll need to be extremely good at one thing or another before settling to become a freelancer.

Wait! What is Freelancing?

It’s taking up different tasks for different clients on different platforms and then completing the tasks to get paid. You’re not employed like a full-time employee is, you’re more like a contract staff and you work remotely 99.9% of the time.

There are several platforms that connect employers to freelancers in today’s world. Some of the best known include Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

So if you’re good at writing, or coding, or graphics designing, an employer on either of these platforms is willing to pay you to do what you know to do best right now. You don’t pay to become a freelancer. Registration is free, and you’ll need to be very consistent to build up your portfolio.

T-shirt Design Business

Good news is, you can customize shirts for clients and get paid from the comfort of your home. First of all, learn what it takes to customize t-shirts, how it’s done and all. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take much to learn. Even if it does, in the end, it’ll be worth it.

Get the required facilities, get everything in order, print fliers about your newly established business, erect a sign post displaying your services to passers-by, and reach out to more clients over the internet.

It’s one of the businesses that’s rare in Nigeria and not many people seek to delve deep into the business. This means, there are fewer competitors and you can make massive profits by running it from your home.

T-shirt customization and designing is a skill not very many people have as well. The business is delicate and you can have a hard time dealing with clients especially if you tarnish their material or do something different other than what they had asked.

Unlike the POS business even a 6-year-old can run, you’ll dedicate time to learning this business and build an empire around it afterwards.

Baking Business

Baking is boring to me. But if you can bake like a pro, why not start baking professionally? Brush up your skill and learn to make the best cakes, snacks, and even foods. Your uniqueness, and an obvious difference in recipe will make clients travel from States apart just to get your products. Whatever you know to do, do it well.

Learn to bake all sorts of snacks, cake, and all. Then push your business online. In this business, packaging matters. Don’t expect to get much patronage after wrapping and displaying your products in oily cellophanes. Nobody will get it.

Beautifully package your products. Think up a name to label your products even if you’re just starting out, and let the world get to know about your business. There’s no need to start a business if it sleeps all day long in isolation.

You can go as far as starting your own baking firm with your home as the HQ for the start. To better improve on your baking skill, follow really good chefs on Instagram. Some are Jewish like Jake Cohen.

More than Being a highly profitable business, it’s one of the home business ideas in Nigeria that doesn’t require much capital for you to start up.

Snail Rearing Business

Snails are delicate and delicious except for their rocky shells. They have a large market waiting to devour them for digestion. Other than that, they play a vital role in the human body health wise, and they help the heart function well.

They are cheap regardless of all the good sermons I’ve preached about them. All of these make the business of snail rearing one of the cheapest and most profitable to start from home in Nigeria.

With a capital of 50,000 naira, you should own a huge snail farm of your own in your home. Learn to breed snails so you don’t run into unforeseen losses. Although they don’t take much to rear, and you definitely won’t spend a lot of money on their feeds.

Starting a snail rearing business is also not too tasky. You could leave the snail stock with a bunch of leaves and forget about them for the day as they mature up. They don’t easily fall sick or just die off like some farm animals do. And they’re immune to a lot including harsh weather conditions, thanks to their shells.

Manicure/Pedicure Services

Everybody loves to look lovely. If you can help people look just the way they want or even close to the way they want to be and feel, they’ll pay you massively in compensation. That said, Manicure and Pedicure services have just been modernized.

They’ve been worn on Kings and Queens even before our grandfathers were born. So these services cost a lot of money now, and they take some time to learn as well.

You can start from your home if you’re already skilled in delivering these services. If you aren’t, take some time to learn them. Go online, watch videos, and dedicate time to learning. It’s one of the home business ideas in Nigeria today and it can make you millions in profit over the space of time.

If you have the energy and business vibes, you can combine the manicure/pedicure services to barbering service and make your home the store where people will come to get worked on. More than just starting a business, put in much effort into promotion and creating lasting relationships with first-time clients.

E-commerce Business

West Africa’s foremost e-commerce website Jumia is now worth more than $1 billion dollars. That’s about N490 billion naira. Some banks in Nigeria are not worth half of this. Even if we decide to merge the total worth of some two or three banks, we still won’t get to this huge sum.

The point is, starting an ecommerce business has the capacity to make you a millionaire in Nigeria. It’s capital intensive, but it doesn’t falsify the fact that you can start it sitting on your wardrobe.

E-commerce business is one of the most profitable online businesses you can start up today from home in Nigeria. It’s a little complex in terms of building it, but you don’t have to code the e-commerce website yourself.

Your job is to birth the idea, learn about building successful e-commerce websites, and configure the operational system of your online market at the frontend or client side.

Firstly, you need to pick a niche for your e-commerce website, and carefully map out a winning marketing strategy for success. Without marketing, nobody’s going to know about your business. You might have the best or most well-built e-commerce website, but without web visits and clients making orders every 1 minute, it’s a waste.

Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is as easy as getting paid to sell a product to someone else. You’re not the one purchasing the product, you’re referring it to another client. And if that client buys it, you’ll get paid some commission. It’s an easy path. You make people purchase a reliable product and get paid a certain percentage of the worth of the particular product afterwards.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s possible and you just need to learn about it so as to not waste your time doing something you don’t understand. Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways bloggers and YouTubers make money online.

Good news is; you can start doing the same without a blog or YouTube channel from your home. It’s really one of the coolest home-based businesses you can start in Nigeria. Yes, you really don’t need a blog or a website to make money off affiliate marketing. But having a blog makes things 700% easier.

It’s easy to get started, what’s most challenging is getting people to buy a product you’re recommending when you’re not John Wick or Sylvester Stallone.

It works best and very easily for influential celebrities, but you can make thousands of dollars recommending products you’ve never tried out before. It’s about being smart and learning all you can about affiliate marketing. Trust me, it’s not a complex internet activity.

Popcorn Production Business

With an umbrella outside your house, you should be able to make a lot of sales for the next day’s luxury with the popcorn business. Have you ever seen people making this? It smells better than it tastes. Sometimes I want to eat the smell instead.

Popcorns are formed in a very miraculous way. I still can’t believe how a certain quantity of sugar and some sort of solid little seeds form the beautiful popcorn we masticate joyfully today.

That said, popcorn production and sale is one of the top businesses you can start from home in Nigeria. It’s easy to learn to make popcorn, and with the engine to produce it, you can skip most of the menial activities involved.

Just as it’s simple to learn and get started with, it’s not capital intensive (which means you don’t need a huge capital to get started). It’s cheap to run, cheap to start, easy to learn. What’s not easy or cheap about the popcorn business or any other business is packaging and advertising. Both of these will either pull in the profits or collapse the business.

Web Design Business

Do you know you could make millions from designing just one website? Yes you could. But you must be a very good web designer first before this can happen (even in your dreams, you must be really good at web design).

Web designers make a lot of money working from their homes, and this goes for those who are capable of doing and undoing anything in their field of specialization.

With the knowledge, you could become a freelancer working remotely, or commit to building a really significant web application that will fetch you millions. Your chances of making money are as long as the Great Wall of China.

There are also hundreds of topnotch companies worldwide in search for creative web designers to work with, and they’re ready to pay thousands of dollars.

Web designers are smart people, and you can become one of these highly skilled sets if you dedicate your time to it. You don’t need to take paid courses at the start, there are countless resources on the internet to help you get started with web designing.

At the start, learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ajax, SQL and MySQL programming and database languages respectively. Once you’ve gained familiarity and mastery with most of these languages, start marketing your skill online and register on freelancing platforms to work with clients from different parts of the world. This will also make you a better and more experienced web designer.

Poultry Farming Business

Chickens are tasty and also affordable, which makes the meat famous for making children cry during festive periods in Nigeria. Today, poultry farming has become very popular, and they don’t require much more than a space and capital for stock and feed acquisition to start up.

It doesn’t cost so much to start. You could start with just 5 chickens and slowly grow your business from home. It’s one of the businesses you can easily start from home in Nigeria today.

The poultry business is not that rampant, which makes the competition in the business on an average scale. Much more, it’s profitable.

To quickly scale your business and become recognized fast even with the business kicking off from your home, pour efforts into advertising and liaising with traders, market people who are more likely to buy chickens and eggs at wholesale price from you.

Watch your stock closely. Make sure you integrate the recommended medication in their feed most of the time. This is a very effective way to build a successful poultry farm while curbing losses as the death toll of your stock could skyrocket if you permit negligence.

Liquid Soap Production Business

It takes some mixture of different funny chemicals to arrive at the wonderful liquid soaps you have today. My best guess? You can start up this business in your home without having to rent a store or build a warehouse.

Learn how the liquid soaps in all flavours are made, the chemicals required, and after that, you’ll need to push your home-based business.

By pushing your home-based business, I mean telling your neighbours about the business you’ve started, posting your products online, and printing fliers to distribute across your community.

If you don’t do any of these or fail to execute other effective marketing strategies and you conventionally showcase your products in a dusty showbox outside the house, don’t expect much profit to be made.

People use liquid soaps every day for different purposes. If you can reach out to a large chunk of these people, convince them to alternate the products they’ve trusted over the years for yours, and suddenly switch their trust mood up for your product, you’ll make a fortune. This takes time, and consistency.

Fruit Juice Production Business

Surprisingly, fruit drinks don’t take much to prepare. There are different flavours just as there are different fruits. The recent one I’ve been hearing of now and I love it, is parfait. A mixture of yogurt and fruits. And some other flavours to it.

Fruit drinks are more nutritious compared to the widespread soft drinks in the likes of Coca cola, Malta Guinness, and even energy drinks like Predator. They have more natural ingredients and add more vitality to the body. For this alone, they’re craved for by a vast majority.

If you don’t already know how to make fruit drinks in all flavours, it won’t take you long to learn so much about it. Go on YouTube, watch as many videos as you can and ensure your recipe for every fruit flavour is unique.

You can afterwards push your business to the world from home. Send messages to all your WhatsApp contacts, post pictures of your products online. Brand your products, and create a special cover and label for every product you produce.

Rabbit Rearing Business

Starting a rabbit rearing business is definitely one very lucrative idea. It’s one of the profitable home-based businesses you can start from home in Nigeria and it doesn’t require a lot of money to start up.

You don’t need to rent a store or own a million naira to start rearing rabbits for commercial purposes. With a few thousand naira in your bank account, you’re good to start up this lucrative home-based business.

The only hindrance in question marks would be that you don’t want to be associated with your business or be called a rabbit rearer. Rabbit rearing is highly profitable. First of all, rabbits don’t fall sick very easily, they have a stronger immune system and they reproduce really fast.

Secondly, there’s a large market for this business, and people are willing to spend a huge sum to get rabbit meat. Thirdly, rabbit feeds aren’t costly. So you won’t spend much on their medication, food, and you’ll get so many benefits in the short run from your home-based rabbit stock.

Online T-shirt Design Business

There are some very cool online platforms that’ll pay you for every design you create that gets sold. These platforms put out your personally designed virtual t-shirts, and when someone places an order for the t-shirt you designed, you get paid some commission.

The best part is, you put up the price you’re willing to sell your design, the platform markets the designs and puts them in front of potential buyers. It’s really simple and all you have to do is design t-shirts, have them stored in your online store on the platform.

Some of the best I’ve come across are RedBubble, Bonfire and TeeSpring. Check them out when you can, and there are dozens of articles and tutorial videos created around how to best earn using these t-shirt designing platforms.

You could make as much as $7 dollars for one t-shirt you design that gets sold. Imagine having over 500 designs in your digital store and getting to sell 5 or 10 of these designs everyday. That’s roughly $50 dollars daily without stress. All you need to start up this business is an internet connection, and an Android device (either a phone or a PC).

It’s one of the home business ideas in Nigeria you can start today. And you can start making money right away using these platforms to design t-shirts and putting them out for sale.

Cryptocurrency Trading Business

The cryptocurrency world has made lots of people billionaires. And till this date, it’s still turning lucky people into millionaires. It’s more like a gold mine business where you win so much money if you know the right trades to enter.

Just like real world trading, crypto trading involves trading different assets known to be crypto assets or digital assets with financial value. The value of these assets varies just like the value of the real world fiat currencies.

If you make the right trades, you could leave the market with 1000% your initial trading capital. If you get into the wrong trade, then the entire capital you traded with could be gone forever. It’s highly risky and intensely profitable. No risk no gain.

So to get started with trading cryptocurrencies, learn a lot about it. This is important so you don’t become a complete novice after you’ve started the business of crypto trading already. You don’t need to promote this business, all you have to do is keep learning and keep trading to make more money.

22 Best Home Business Ideas in Nigeria (Conclusion)

Starting a business from home in Nigeria is an advantage. You spend less, and with time you make so much more than the starting capital you invested at the start.

Home-based businesses of this nature, especially the ones on this list, have the capacity to spring really fast and yield robust profits in the long run.

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