9 Best Places to Visit in Australia in March

 Best places to visit in Australia in March

Best places to visit in Australia in March

In March the winds blow cold, the flowers and trees are amazing and Australia is the perfect spot where you can get the peace and comfortability you solely seek. 

Imagine a place where it’s comfortability makes you feel free, where you don’t have to worry about the troubles of life, a spot where pain magically disappears. Follow me as I  walk you round the incredible spot where you will forget your sorrow in Australia. 

Hey you hope you are ready for this experience, if yes, then hop in let me give you a tour of heaven during March and I  promise this is an experience you will never forget.

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9 Best Places to Visit in Australia in March

Whitsundays, Queensland

Hey you if you are tired of the worries of the world and you need a place that will lift up your holiday spirit then Whitsunday, Queensland is the perfect place to be in. The beach has an amazing view and there is an incredible feeling that grabs your soul with joy.

Hahndorf, South Australia

If you are looking for the mystery of nature in Australia then I think you should turn around and  ride to Hahndrof, South Australia. The location is south-east of Adelaide and it is a half hour by car.

Ex mouth, western Australia

This is another astonishing place one should see in March.  The incredible ningaloo reef which gives people a chance to swim with wonderful animals. Sometimes though the dates tend to be different like it could appear in mid-March and stay until August.

Orange, New South Wales

If you want to see nature take place then you should check out the orange. In Orange , New South Wales you see a wide range of colourful trees, but you can also see the transition in the parks and streets of the town.

From the Orange Me south Wales you get an amazing view of nature in Australia in March. It is a place to be and there are wonders to see.

Port Authur, Tasmania

If it is too hot for you in the summer Tasmania is the best spot with an average temperature of 17.5°C .

Plus you get to see the great natural view of Port Authur , Tasmania and you get to learn about European colonisation and how it influenced the life of Tasmania.

Katherine, Northern Territory

How about we take a ride to the north territory, a place with historical landmarks and incredible aboriginal art.

It is a wonderful place to go to in march.

Gold coast, Queensland

Do want to enjoy March surfing, swimming,or work on your tan then, come enjoy all that on the beaches of the Gold coast and make memories that will last a century.

This place has the perfect temperature to enjoy your time out,  the Average temperature in March differs from 19°C to 26°C and the temperature of the sea tends to be around 23°C.

Adelaide, South Australia

In March Adelaide, South Australia is a place you must be, because it is a festival period there and a lot of fun activities will be taking place. Trust me you don’t want to Miss out on anything.

There is always this mighty festival bringing in artists from all across the world. Tell me your holiday didn’t just get better. Yes right and see the smile.

Imagine that music loud,people dancing to different rhythms, beautiful smiles on peoples faces.

Lady Elliot island, Queensland

The Lady Elliot island, Queensland is a wonderful place to be when you want to watch beautiful turtles babies come to this world for all those are wildlife love but even isn’t just wonderful to experience the turtles breeding season

And when you are not watching turtle babies leave their shell, then you can just chill and relax, swim or probably take a dive to see other wonderful marine creatures.

Rottnest  Island, Western Australia

Hardly any Australian who wouldn’t want to be in Rottnest island to experience quokka  work magic. 

These beautiful and mysterious creatures are helpless and are in only a few islands where they are safe from predators that might threaten their existence.

All these places listed above are amazing places that you have to check out and get the best experience you  desire. 

Hey! you how do you feel now that you have gotten a taste of heaven beauty during March. You must feel intrigue, it is more than what you were expecting, more incredible right, I understand you.

Places to Visit in Australia in March

The month of March is quite a memorable one, so applicable to other months.

In Australia there are lots of places to visit in the month of March. 

And lots of fun filled events,

Are carried out in the month of March in Australia. 

In our next section we are taking out frequently asked questions.

Places to Visit in  Australia in March: Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Best Places to go in Australia in March? 

There are lots of places you can go, in Australia during the month of March but here it’s the best pick, among other places.

If you want to go somewhere cool and warm! 

Queensland is the perfect pick for you, or try out the Northern end of Western Australia it’s also a  cool and warm place you can visit too.

Everytime is the perfect time to visit Australia but during the month of March in Australia a lot of fun fall activities usually take place. 

So the month of March is also another best time for you to pay a visit to Australia. 


Applicable to the months of September, November and May.

 Because during this time in Australia the weather is more favourable and conducive for tourists and, during there less amount of tourists visiting. 

So it gives you a higher chance to carry out research and go check out New hidden and recently discovered places.

Where is hot in Australia in March? 

The major places that are hot during the month of March in Australia include the,

Southern cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Alice Springs and Adelaide are most warm and hot during this period and most especially the desert region of Australia too. 

Which Place is Best to visit in March? 

A Lot of places are best to visit around the world during the month of March, the most common visitation centre,

 during the month of March it’s Australia.


Today you should draft out your calendar and go check out the beautiful places you can visit in Australia today.

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