10 Best Universities for Marketing in Australia

Best University for marketing in Australia

This article gives you a complete guide in the best University you can study marketing in Australia today.

Sometimes it’s difficult for us to choose which particular university is best for us to study marketing. Here in my post I am going to list out the different universities where you can study your dream course. 

Before we look into the best University you can study marketing in Australia there are some few questions check you can take out.

10 Best Universities for marketing in Australia

What is marketing?

The commercial processes involved in selling and distributing a product and service. (Oxford dictionary) That is a clear definition of marketing.

It’s better you know the meaning of a particular subject before you venture into it, in doing that you get to understand that particular thing you are moving into. 

What Degree do I Need Before I Can Get into the Marketing Industry?

Important of Marketing

Marketing as a field of study, gives students full knowledge on business and enables them to know the  fundamental tactics on business expansion, growth and substantial income.

Before you can get into any marketing Universities in Australia you need to at least have  good grades in your GCE examination and then apply for the University entrance exam surely you would be admitted into the University.

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University of Melbourne

This university is among the top universities in Australia. According to the  Australia university ranking the Melbourne university is ranked  number 3 in Australia and a global rank of 41 best Universities in the world. You can apply to the University of Melbourne to study marketing today we’re tutored on buying, selling, distribution and promotion, advertisement and others. 

And after acquiring all knowledge in Marketing at the university of Melbourne marketing you would be awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and after that you can further your career.

University of New South Wales

UNSW  is another good University where you can study marketing, including advanced marketing strategy. In the first year you get to study the basis of commerce and later on you study the core factor of Marketing. 

The time duration of study which means (how long you will be studying in the UNSW,) it’s a duration of 3 years. And they admit in the months of February, May and September.

Better still you apply to boost up your career time. And get a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce.

Monash University

In Monash University Australia, you we be given full breeding on different marketing strategies. In this university you get to study the fundamentals ” the foundation ” of the core success of marketing, with a mix of commerce. And after acquiring all the knowledge on Marketing within the duration of 3 years you we be awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing.

An applicant that would love to go to school at Monash University. Admission process usually takes place in the month of February. 

University of Technology Sydney

In UTS you would be centred on business school which means you would be admitted into business. And business comprises all including commerce and marketing and any other business administrative strategies. 

In the university of Sydney you would be given the core values of marketing and Business growth. 

After your 3 years full time understanding and tutoring on business you will be awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business ( marketing). Intake of new applicants begins in the early month of the year February and in the mid year July.

And also you get to see the beautiful places in Sydney.

University of Wollongong (UOW)

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and also begin with the foundation of first year of study to cover up the core of marketing and business. 

Giving students a vivid understanding of the business problem and progress of what the world is facing today.

In the second year and above you would be tutored on marketing skills for broader knowledge and advanced topics on business.

Intake of new students begin in February till the month of July. And the time duration for this course in the university of Wollongong is 3 years.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

In QUT after participating in their marketing degree you will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business.

And you will be learning from industry professionals. They give you vast knowledge on marketing and other core courses in business.

The time duration of this degree is  3 years and the admission process begins in the months of February, July and November.

Griffith University

In Griffith University, you will be given new skills, new marketing value and new opportunities. You can apply now and come out with a degree in business school. 

And you also get the opportunity to be among the Australian Market and Social Research Society.

The time duration for study in this university is 3 years and I am living a Bachelor’s degree in business.

University of South Australia (UniSa)

Unisa is a global leader in brand management and has acquired accreditation from the AACSB International and EFMD (EQUIS).

In UniSa You get the likes and opportunity to be tutored by professionals from P & G, CBS and Nestle.

Western Sydney University

This university gives you a full grooming on business and marketing with real world theory and industry projects and experience. You can get that package at Western Sydney University. 

And alongside with a degree in business ( marketing) and the course duration is 3 years. And admission screening begins in the early time of March, July and November.

Kaplan Business School (KBS)

In Kaplan Business School (KBS) you get to understand all subsidiaries and vast knowledge on business education and marketing strategies. And after participating in the business school you would be awarded with a degree in Bachelor’s of Business and Marketing.

10 Best Universities for Marketing in Australia: Frequently Asked Questions

In the frequently asked questions we are going to try out different questions that must have gone through your mind. 

In this section just relax! and follow the question train.

Is Australia good for marketing?

Of course Australia is a good place to study marketing, having different top universities that are globally recognised.

The Australia National University (ANU) is Australia’s number one best University, with a university ranking of 27 in the world and the number 1 best university in Australia.

In (ANU) you can get the best education in marketing.

Where is it best to study marketing?

There are thousands of good places you can study marketing in the world. It only takes the right pick to figure out which is best for you. In this section we are going to look at the best countries you can study marketing according to university global ranking.

First on our list is England. You will get the best knowledge in Marketing.

Second is France then follow suit Spain, Ireland and Australia there the most Educative place you can study marketing in the world. For the first degree you are coming out with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

What can I do with a Marketing degree in Australia?

If you have a marketing degree there are lots of places you can work at, not just in Australia but other parts of the world.

When you have a marketing degree in Australia this is the list of job offers you can work with.

•Advertising Agent

Marketing Executive.

Brand Executive.

Customer Relations Associate.

Business Development Executive.

Market Researcher

Is Australia good for Masters in marketing?

Australia is one of the best places you can have a master degree in marketing.

And the time duration of study is usually 1 year and 5 months or sometimes, in most coursework it can take up to 2 years.


The universities listed above are universities you can apply and participate  in your dream course and you will be rewarded with a degree in business ( marketing ). After receiving all this information you can kindly apply at any of this business university of your choice at e2studysolution.com there you would be given steps and procedure to follow. 

 I believe it’s a dream come through for you .

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