Good Business Idea for Teenagers in Australia: 4 Innovative Ideas for Teenagers

Good business idea for teenagers in Australia

Imagine becoming a young boss. Doing all the chasing and troubles of life so you enjoy your profit at a very satisfying age. Imagine owning a company at a very young age, having thousands of employees at a young age. Exploring the world with no financial barrier. I know you sometimes dream of that. But why don’t you start now. Or do you feel like you are too young?

Let me assure you now, it is never too young to be successful. Justin Bieber was worth millions at a very young age. Mark Zuckerberg started his business at age 19 and became the youngest billionaire at age 23. So being young does not actually stop you from starting a business.

In this article I will walk you round the good business ideas for teenagers in Australia. How you can become wealthy at a very young age. How you can become a young rich business man in Australia.

Australia is a wonderful place with a lot of opportunities to make it big but the question is are you searching for these opportunities? Are you looking for the chances to have financial freedom? A life where money is not the problem. 

There are different ideas that can bring you wealth and value that you desire. A life of the richest. Hope you are ready for these adventures so let’s dive in.

Good Business Idea for Teenagers in Australia

Become a Freelance Writer

If you are good at crafting words together then  Freelance writing is for you.  With writing you can acquire a large amount of wealth that you never imagined. So stop treating writing as just a hobby and start seeing it as an opportunity to get the cash you deserve.

Gone are the days that making money from writing only amounted to just newspapers, novels, and selling to physical publishing houses. Now there are different platforms that can get you your cash by just sitting in your room. You can create your website and get clients rushing in and make you cool cash. 

There are different massive companies searching for freelance writers. And you can earn your income without troubling your parents. Become an independent boss at a very young age.

The average freelance writer in Australia earns $25.70 salary per hour in Australia. So you see, what you call just a hobby can earn a lot of cash. 

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”  – Walt Disney, co-founder, Disney.

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Create your own clothing

The one great thing about the fashion industry is that everybody wears clothes. The design is the only thing that changes. So all you have to do is bring something new and unique. What will be acceptable by the public? 

And I know in a way you are thinking I’m not too young to own a fashion  business. But never ever say you are too young to make it in the fashion industry because there are a lot of people in the fashion business that are way too young but are making millions. 

Vidhi Karva is a nine years old fashion designer and the youngest fashion designer to launch her couture collection at Dubai fashion week.

You can own a clothing line and bring your design to life. Who knows at a very young age you can even make a name in the fashion industry like Louis Vuitton or Gucci.

Put your ideas to work now or you might probably regret later. Because I know you see the design in your head and it becomes a waste because you feel like you are still a teen and not ready yet.

“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

So be part of that change, be the next best designer in Australia or probably in the world to come up with that wonderful design that  everybody craves for. Let your design be what they seek. But you won’t get that famous design if you don’t start chasing that dream of being a great designer. 


Blogging is one sure way you can get your cash from the comfort of your home. Without troubling yourself. With blogging you can get your wealth and probably get your financial freedom at a very young age. Lot of people are making it big from blogging. But you need complete focus and consistency.

All you have to do is create a site. Now it is even easier because you don’t have to be a coding genius to do that. You can create your site from WordPress, pick a niche, create a domain name, build your traffic and you can get your cash from google ads, sponsored posts and even selling products. You can really make a lot of cash from blogging.

“Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field.” – Penelope Trunk

So pick yourself  up this opportunity to be financially successful.

Sell online

Selling online is another great way to raise your cash and become an independent young boss. Ali baba did not just become a billion dollar company from nothing. It had hard work and focus. And that is all you need. 

Selling your product online is a fast way to raise your customer and make a huge profit.

The online business is quite easy now that there are different significant platforms that could get you a massive audience for your product without troubling yourself. Be it clothing, food stuff, automobiles, gadgets e.t.c. on Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Facebook marketplace to can get your customer fast and make your money.

Things people also ask for: Good Business Idea for Teenagers in Australia

What business should teenagers start?

As a teenager you might think you are too young to start a business. Like why should you chase success when you have to think about homework, school and good grades but you are not young at all to be successful in life. There are a lot of businesses you can start like babysitting, blogging, selling online, tutorials or even music/arts.

How can I earn money at 14?

At 14 Justin Bieber was already making millions, so nothing stopped him from getting the cash too. focus on other ways to make your money like pet care, yard work or snow shovelling, working for business or restaurant e.t.c.

How can a teenager make money without a job?

Gone are the days when getting a job was the major source of generating income. Now you can create something and become the boss of yourself. You create your own business or a blog and earn money.

How can a 16 year old start a business?

Starting a business at 16 the first thing you need to realise is that you are not too young to start and you can top the market at a young age. A 16 year old can earn millions, a 16 year old can own a website and either sell online or start a blog with it. 


Now that I have come to the concluding paragraph of this article. I hope you have found something that attracts you that you would love to do at your teen.

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