Highest Paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria

Highest Paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria

In past years, the drink manufacturing company has budgeted hundreds of millions of naira for signing endorsement deals with African musicians.

These endorsement deals are renewed when expired, that’s if the company wants it renewed, and they sign several musicians every year as brand ambassadors.

Brands known for signing several musicians yearly in Nigeria include MTN Nigeria, Guiness Nigeria, Globacom, Airtel and a host of other mega brands.

Endorsement deals are the very major source of income for most Nigerian musicians, especially those who are rarely booked for events and are not so popular in the music industry.

So, we can surely say that endorsement deals are a mutual agreement between a celebrity and a brand or company.

Why Pepsi signs artistes to become brand ambassadors?

Brands like Pepsi doesn’t just like wasting millions every year to sign up artistes, what’s the need? What’s the water for if signing new singers to their brand list of ambassadors is for nothing?

They gain from their endorsement deals and that’s why they spend millions on the strategy every year. These deals are a form of promotion strategies.

For the fact that the media is on the run for new celebrity activities to publish instantaneously, they also publish news on endorsement deals signed by brands and musicians, thereby promoting the name of the endorsing brands.

It becomes the official duty of the endorsement signee, the celebrity, to promote the name of the brans at different shows, on his/her social media page, during interviews, and other times. That’s the idea.

Who’s the Highest Paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria?

Some popular musicians who have signed ambassadorial deals with the Pepsi drink brand include…

Highest Paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria:

5. Tekno Miles

Yes the “Diana” crooner has enjoyed the juicy multimillion naira endorsement deal with Pepsi in recent times. Tekno has grown to become a top level musician in Nigeria.

How he does it, no one but himself knows. Just recently, he started communicating big-time with his fans on Instagram by posting live clips and photos they relate to.

4. Tiwa Savage

If Pepsi hadn’t signed Tiwa Savage, they would’ve been out of the reigning endorsing brand leaving the Queen of Nigeria music out their ambassadors’ list. She’s part of the few lucky artistes who signed endorsement deals with Pepsi.

3. Davido

Davido is probably the newest member of the club of artists with sparkling endorsement deals with Pepsi. He is a top level music act in Nigeria and recently has been accused of murder over the death of his party-hard friend, Tagbo. He’s one of the highest paid Pepsi ambassadors in Nigeria.

2. Seyi Shay

Seyi Shays a unique female Nigerian artiste also called Sheyi Shay. Birthed in Tottenham, London, she has become a reputable female songwriter and singer in Nigeria to reckon with. Fortunately she’s part of the chosen ones Pepsi sighted to shatter millions on.

1. Wizkid

Wizkid would be the highest paid Pepsi ambassador in Nigeria currently with a renewed endorsement deal of over N13 million naira. The star has gone global with his works and collaborations with big-time artistes in both Africa and the United States of Nigeria.

He’s one of the richest musicians in Nigeria and the biggest standalone artiste the country has got. Apart from the multimillion naira endorsement deal with the Pepsi drink brand, he also has signed multimillion deals with Guiness Nigeria, MTN Nigeria and mega network operator, Globacom.

Wizkid is also tightly booked so much that he’s not free for show invitations at the beginning of the year running through to the end, though last year was different as he cancelled all show bookings for special medical treatment.

Who’s the Highest Paid Nigerian Pepsi Ambassador?

The highest paid Pepsi ambassadors would be Wizkid, Davido and Tiwa Savage. Other artistes and ambassadors are paid handsomely too, but the super music stars are the golden ones, are more famous, have won more awards, are still more influential, and therefore are paid more to take the brand name to a new level through promotion.

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