How to start Yahoo boy Career on the web in Nigeria

How to start Yahoo boy Career on the web in Nigeria

You really want to know how to start a Yahoo boy career anywhere and the task you need to undergo?

It’s not a big deal but you need to know what exactly it is you’re doing.

Yahoo is popularly called “G” and the guys who delve into it are called G-guys.

Majority of these guys spend a lot at clubs, make you jealous, have the finest girls and flashy cars are parked in the garage of their beautifully designed mansions.

These wealth they get is from being G-guys and that’s what they live to do.

To become so good at this, and have it as your career, you’ll need to have and know about these…

How to Start a Yahoo Boy Career on the Web.

Here are a few things you need to know to start your yahoo boy/girl career on the web, and in Nigeria.

1. Decision

You have to make a decision before going into anything and this isn’t an exception.

You don’t just go into it because other are doing it and making what they make from it.

People have different destinies and yours could be different from every other guy in the neighborhood.

Make sure you want to go into what you’re about to go into and be ready to face the consequences – embarrassment from State forces and other hurdles.

People have done online fraud, built houses with it, and gone back to square one.

Again, people have done online fraud, established businesses with it and quitted.

No ones destiny is to become a fraudster.

This is what you must know.

2. Internet Connection

There’s a reason why this is otherwise called internet fraud and it’s because it is done mostly on the internet.

Internet connection is the bone and background of everything you’ll be doing as they require you to be online.

Getting a personal computer or a laptop is a better option than using an android phone (lots of benefits goes with using the PC).

If you decided to use an android phone, go for the latest Samsung phones or simply, go for an iPhone.

I don’t mean iPhone 1 or 5…

Get an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or X.

The benefits are far rewarding.

3. Mentorship

According to what I’ve heard so many people say about being a yahoo boy, there are applications that’s in use for different purposes and you won’t just start using them on your first attempt – you need mentors to put you through.

You’re going to find it extremely difficult to make headstart without a person showing you and telling you what’s up in the game.

For this reason, there are HKs everywhere.

An HK means Hustlers Kingdom.

Literally, you would want to become part of a family that spends most of their time doing yahoo – that’s the HK.

There are different HKs everywhere, and they are an organized set.

The HK aims to breed boys who have made up their mind to eat and make a living off internet fraud.

Nowadays, even parents encourage their children to become part of an HK.

4. Consistency

Going off and online will spoil a lot for you and that’s why you have to be online 24/7 in the first phase of consistency.

Secondly, you have to keep trying hard, keep trying out different formats and ways to succeed.

It’s never an easy task without spiritual backing but to an extent, consistency pays more than the off and on network or trial.

You wanna make money fast? Pay the dues.

One final word on this one…

Whatever you do consistently, negative or positive, you yielded results.

5. Formats

There are tons of formats boys use these days to ask for money.

Even beggers are skillful at begging nowadays.

These formats are mainly pranks and tricks to make people trust you enough so as to entrust certain amount of money to you.

While a lot of formats are on board, it’ll be wise to pose under the tutelage of your mentors and let them show you the way.

From dating to wire wire yahoo, the formats are almost an endless well of lies.

6. G+ (G-Plus)

The plus is an advanced form of yahoo and it involves supernatural or spiritual backing.

Generally, it wouldn’t be totally out of place to get yourself tied up with spiritual oats because you want to make it big.

It’s your decision and it doesn’t mean you won’t work or have your internet connection.

While the plus is paying off, there’s a greater sacrifice ahead and I’m sure you’re ready for that as nothing goes for nothing.

G+ has several forms.

Some require you to use your loved one, and others a form of ritual demanding the lives of people.

Several yahoo+ formats are in place today…

The repercussions are deadly most of the time.

Drop your comments below…

Much love ❤…


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