Ifeanyi Ubah Net Worth 2021 (Forbes)

Ifeanyi Ubah

Ifeanyi Ubah is a Nigerian entrepreneur and businessman.

He has ventured into several businesses in Nigeria, and he’s the founder and chief executive officer of Capital Oil & Gas, and he’s one of the leading moguls in the oil sector of Nigeria.

Ifeanyi Ubah Net Worth

BIRTH NAME: Patrick Ifeanyi
CAREER: Entrepreneur & Businessman
BIRTH DATE: 3rd September, 1971
DISPLAY NAME: Ifeanyi Ubah
NET WORTH: $1.7 Billion Dollars

Ifeanyi Ubah Current Net Worth

Ifeanyi Ubah has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion dollars.

He’s made his net worth from his business, Capital Oil & Gas.

Ifeanyi Ubah is very influential, and due to his influence especially in the petroleum distribution sector, he has become a prominent name listed among some of the richest people in the country.

He hit his first million in his late 10s and was a prominent dealer in spare parts business.

Mr Ifeanyi has ventured into politics, port and harbour business, telecommunications, hospitals, and owns some of the largest marine vessels, oil tankers, and barges in Nigeria.

He is also the founder of an active Nigerian Premier League FC known as Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club.

He’s the founder of Authority Newspapers, and member of board of directors of Commodity Giants Nigeria Ltd, American Hospital Ltd, Knoll & Hachfer Engineering Company Ltd, Oil force Nigeria Ltd, Capital Group Congo, Chevron Oronite & Chemical Company Ltd South Africa, and Hero Communications Ltd.

Ifeanyi Ubah was birthed as Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on the 3rd of September, 1971. He was born in otolo, Nnewi, Anambra state Nigeria.

Ifeanyi is the first child in the family of 7 children, and his parents were teachers. He schooled at Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi.

His parents were not so rich at this time, and there wasn’t enough money to raise his younger ones in school.

As the first born child, Ifeanyi dropped out of school to learn trade so his parents could use the money they had on the younger siblings.

Fortunately, he started doing well in spare parts selling business and at age 16, he started making millions from exporting spare parts to African countries including Ghana and Sierra Leone.

He later exported spare parts to a large list of African countries from were his products were much demanded and he had customers in almost every African anglophone nation. Soon enough, Ifeanyi Ubah was among the top players in his business field.

In 2001, Ifeanyi Ubah developed interest in the oil sector and that’s how his company, Capital Oil & Gas was founded. By 2011, Capital Oil & Gas’s became one of the largest in Nigeria in terms of depot equipments and facilities.

The Capital Oil Group was reportedly controlling 30% of oil distribution across Nigeria as they had 4 depots in four geopolitical regions, and was into petroleum distribution, haulage, and retailing of petroleum products.

In 2014, his national relevance created a solid political ground for him to stand candidate in the Anambra Gubernatorial elections, but he lost the election to opposition parties.

Today, Ifeanyi Ubah has over 4000 employees in his payroll, he’s the founder of the philanthropic organization – Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation.

Ifeanyi Ubah is married to Mrs Uchenna Ubah, and they have five children. Mrs Uchenna Ubah is also experienced in business administration, and she has actively supported her husband in her own wonderful ways.

Ifeanyi Ubah has creates thousands of jobs for Nigerian youths, and today, he’s highly placed and respected in the Nigerian society.


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