Is Drake Richer than Justin Bieber 2022?


Drake and Justin Bieber

Is Drake richer than Justin Bieber?

Who’s richer between both renowned musicians

? It would be correct to say Drake is older, has more hits and so is richer, but more hits doesn’t really equals more money.

Justin Bieber would also be richer than Drake, basically because he’s paid close to a million dollars per concert performance, right?

Well, it’s a puzzle, given their net worth, perhaps you should tell who really is richer between Drake and Justin Bieber.

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So, getting to the main question of the day, who’s richer between Drake and Justin Bieber?

Both musicians have released several hit songs, they’ve got several million followers on social media, and have both won awards numerous times.

Justin Bieber and Drake get booked to perform at music concerts, they tour different states, host their music concerts and pull in millions of dollars.

Moreover, they get business deals, endorsement offers and music sales remains a constant channel of income for both.

Who’s got more money between Justin Bieber and Drake?

Their net worth figures have a little more to say…

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Drake and Justin Bieber: Who is Richer

Justin Bieber is one of Canada’s favourite singers.

He’s extremely popular with millions of followers on Instagram.

Justin Bieber got famous pretty quickly at a really young age. Back then, he would upload videos of himself singing on YouTube, and he liked it.

Luckily for him, a talent manager got to watch his videos, and caught interest in him.

He mostly sang R&B songs, and thank God for him who helped upload the videos on YouTube.

Born in London, Ontario, on the 1st of March, 1994, Justin Bieber has two half-siblings, and he’s a skilled drummer, guitarist, and trumpeter.

Back to the storyline, Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun, the talent manager who insisted Bieber came over to see him.

Justin Bieber moved to see Scooter Braun in Atlanta where he began working with him.

Later on, Justin was introduced to famous American singer Usher. He was later signed to Raymond Braun Media Group, and then Island Records.

Island Records gave him so much exposure and opportunities.

He released a number of hit songs under the music label, and soon had seven singles from a debut record on Billboard Hot 100.

It wasn’t long before Bieber released his chart-topping debut album which went triple Platinum in the US.

He released several other singles and albums that topped the US music charts, the Billboard chart, and won him a lot of awards.

Today, he’s one of the most loved musicians by teenagers in the United States, and one of the richest musicians in the world with an estimated net worth of $225 million dollars.

Drake Net Worth

Drake and Justin Bieber: Who is Richer

Drake was a child actor in a popular for teenagers produced and aired in Canada, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

He was popular even as a kid actor, and made his onscreen TV debut a long time ago before becoming a big-time musician.

Drake was born in Toronto, Canada, as Aubrey Drake Graham on the 24th of October, 1986.

At that time, before his stardom, he would record Mixtapes and upload them to his MySpace page.

The Mixtapes were often viewed and liked by his viewers, but got the attention of no big star in the music scene until the founder of record label Rap-A-Lot discovered him.

Jas Prince (Rap-A-Lot’s founder) got to see his uploaded Mixtapes, and instantly was blown away by the awesomeness.

Well, he thought right, and made it seen by multiple award winner and favourite American rapper Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne also liked the productions and insisted Drake go on his Houston tour with him.

Lil Wayne was already the multimillion dollar man and CEO of top record label – Young Money Entertainment.

In 2009, Drake was signed to Lil Wayne’s music imprint, Young Money Entertainment.

From the label, he got opportunities and was able to meet and collaborate with reigning artists at that time.

This gave Drake a bit of an edge as he gained followers steadily and released regular hit singles.

Move on to today, he’s one of the biggest, highest earning, and richest rappers in the world.

Drake has signed endorsement deals which brought in millions of dollars with Sprite, Apple, and Adidas.

Earnings from these endorsement deals make up a significant part of his net worth.

He has won lots of musical awards and has topped the Billboard Hot 100 numerous times.

At this moment, Drake’s net worth is an estimated $90 million dollars.

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