LeBron James and Ronaldo who is Richest?

LeBron James and Ronaldo who is Richer?

This article show is the richer between two international sport stars, stay tuned as we dive in.

LeBron Raymone James, popularly called by his acronym LeBron James, he is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, he is also known as king James, LeBron James has been featured in so many, Holly wood basketball related movies. LeBron James is said to be the greatest basket baller of all time according to his basketball stat and facts.

LeBron James net worth

LeBron Raymone James who hails from America has acquired so much wealth lately due to his profession and endorsement by different companies, LeBron James is a global Icon to every up coming basketball player. LeBron Raymone James, has an estimated net worth of $1 billion United States Dollars.

Cristiano Ronaldo is another football iconic star that has gotten to his brim light, Cristiano Ronaldo is recognize globally because of his football skills and goal scoring, Cristiano Ronaldo who hails from Portugal but playing for Marchester United as off 2022 is refered to as the best footballer in the world

Cristiano Ronaldo has played for different international cup winning clubs in foot ball leagues. Cristiano is much loved by lots of footballer who wants to emerge as a professional football player.

Cristiano Ronaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional football player who hails from Portugal has an estimated net worth of $550 million dollars.

Ronaldo and LeBron James are playing two different sports and they are two different individuals who are fr better in there areas of specialty. Ronaldo is known for his skillfulness when his playing football. The same thing is applicable to Lebron when he’s in the basketball court playing the game so perfectly.

But of them has risen to brim light in a different way.

Basketball is a sport that pays much higher than football.


In summary to this article basketball and football are two different sports one is been played with your hands and the other is been played with your legs, they require different approach to execute both sports.
Cristiano Ronaldo plays football with his legs and emerge the best player in the world. LeBron James plays basketball with his hands and emerge the greatest of all time in basketball.

In conclusion to comparison between Ronaldo and LeBron James, James has an estimated net worth of $1 billion United State Dollars and Ronaldo has an estimated net worth of $550 million United State Dollars. Cheers!

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