Life in Australia for Immigrants


In this post today we are going to look at the lifestyle of an immigrant living in Australia, brace yourself, as you enjoy your ride.

Australia is one of the world’s most urbanised and coastal dwelling countries. Migration into Australia from the 1st century up to the 20th century were majorly dominated by the Europeans. 

Australia has witnessed tremendous migration over the years as millions of people come into the country yearly. It can  be recorded that over 7.8 Percent of people come into Australia every year.

Having almost 75 percent to 80 percent living on the coast while others live in the cities. Australia is a beautiful country with magnificent landscapes,flora and fauna. Flora includes large numbers of species such as Acacia,the Eucalyptus. 

Acacias tend to dominate in drier inland parts of Australia, while eucalyptus dominate in wetter parts of Australia.

Australia has become one of the world’s most successful multicultural countries because of the shared values of fairness,respect,equality to all in ensuring a community that is peaceful, secure and prosperous for all to live in.

Australia is a beautiful country with great and famous landscapes and exciting places like the beaches.

 It’s climate is also another wonderful beauty of Australia as its climate is mostly sunny in most parts even during winter. As a result of their sunny climate, Australians are known for their love for sports as their life is mostly outdoor.

The best lifestyle of Australians has made it one of the biggest sought after countries for immigrants. Australia is a rich country and so has an expensive lifestyle. 

Prices of goods are quite high which might seem a bit expensive to visitors but then the salaries are as well Hugh enough to cover up and support the high cost of living.

Although Australian culture has a British foundation,it still has a mixture of other cultures because of the flow of immigrants into the country. Almost 25 percent of the population is made of non Australians.

Life in Australia for Immigrants


Before you can become an Australian citizen, you must be an Australian permanent resident and must have fulfilled some certain criteria. 

You must have lived for 4 years and should be of good behaviour with no criminal record. You must be well over 16 years of age. You must also have adequate knowledge of your responsibility as a citizen and privileges too.

Then you will also have to fill a paid application form after which you will be contacted by the department if the application is successful and then you will be invited for a citizenship ceremony where you pledge to Australia.

Becoming an Australian citizen isn’t so difficult as long as you are able to provide the necessary requirements.

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 The stunning sceneries have made Australia an exciting place to migrate. Australia’s wonderful climate and fun filled places to go makes it an exciting reason why immigrants love to live as permanent residents.

1. The wonderful sunny climate

Compared to other countries,Australia has around 3000hours of sunshine in a year and the climate is also lovely. 

This is one reason Australians are known as being outdoors,the feeling of the sunshine gives the energy and excitement to be productive.

2. Friendly Culture

With the arrival of immigrants into Australia, you would notice that there is a welcoming to new cultures. There exists a social connection amongst migrants and permanent residents.

3. Beaches

It’s wonderful to lay either on your face or with your back and feel the sunshine while you enjoy the serene environment and sight of the beach.

 Australia has no fewer than 10,685 beaches and not only do you find it sandy but the sea also has a warm and delicate feeling on your skin.The peacefulness is mind blowing.

4. High quality lifestyle

One big reason Australia is loved by immigrants is because of the high quality lifestyle it offers. The food,beautiful landscapes,health care and so many other reasons.

5. Job Opportunities

Australia provides fantastic job opportunities with high wages as a result of the rapid growth in the economy. Businesses are functioning great and Job opportunities are in great demand


 The advantages of living in Australia just like the benefits mentioned earlier are numerous. But just as it has exciting advantages there still are disadvantages that cannot be exempted.


1. High quality Healthcare

There are about 6300 hospitals and pharmacies which shows that the health care of those living in Australia are a major  concern. You can have access to the healthcare system provided by the government.

2. Applying for citizenship is quite easy as long as you qualify

Becoming a citizen is quite easy as long as the requirements are provided.

3. Stand Educational System

Education is compulsory for all children between the ages of 5 years and 15 to 17 years depending on the state of residence. 

Its schooling system consists of both private and public schools. The federal government also provides a standard university for all courses depending on the duration it would run.


1. High cost of living

The escalating increase in cost of living like housing,electricity, feeding,clothing, transportation, entertainment are all very expensive. The cost of living in Australia is 87% more costly than most countries.

2. Job Hunt

Although wages are quite high, if you don’t have the new documents or requirements for the job or even a visa,it might be difficult to get a job. 

You might also need referrals which might be a disadvantage if you don’t have one.

3. Character requirement

Before you can live in Australia,you have to pass a character requirement that would be included in the citizenship application. These include a testimonial of no criminal record, excellent conduct and behaviour.

4. Getting a House

With the many available to select from you would see it as an advantage until you hear the prices of the houses. The prices of houses have increased ever since the financial crisis in 2008.

5. Isolation

If you are a person who doesn’t like isolation,then this is certainly a con for you because of the far distance Australians live. 

Almost 80 percent of the time is a great distance from each other and then there’s a difference in time zones. They are also very separate from the rest of the world. So you might feel isolated because of its geographical position and location. 

Best places to live

 Some best places to live in Australia and the good things they offer.

 Adelaide is best known for food and wine, Brisbane has great hospitality,healthcare, tourism and beautiful landscape. 

Canberra which is Australia’s capital territory has fewer residents which is also affordable. 

Same as Hobart, great and affordable accommodation.Melbourne great for its hospitality and culture. 

Perth for its beautiful landscape, beaches and sunshine. Sydney for high paying job opportunities it provides. 

Australia provides a fantastic and inviting lifestyle for immigrants.

Frequently Asked Questions: Life in Australia for Immigrants

What are some problems immigrants face in Australia?

In every society today there are lots of challenges that take place, but in Australia today there are common challenges faced by immigrants, but the major challenge is language barrier. 

So many  immigrants living in Australia are totally from a non English speaking country.

So it is actually difficult to communicate easily.

Is migrating to Australia a good idea?

Of course it’s a good idea, when you have the course of living in Australia and get to see the hidden beauty in Australia you would be amazed.

Why do refugees choose Australia?

The major reason why most refugees choose to reside in Australia is because most of the time either there is chaos in their country or they are seeking for greener pastures.

What is the cheapest city to live in Australia?

Hobart still remains the cheapest place and city to live in Australia. Properties in Hobart are 30% cheaper than the normal national cost.


That’s is the lifestyle of an immigrant living in Australia in a jiffy. If you’re thinking of residing in Australia, known the basic and every information that has been pass across in my blog, I would love to see you succeed and live a happy life. hit me up with your comments let’s interact.

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