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The biography you are about  to read employs the theme of restrictions and pain. a Nigerian fast rising celebrity who had faced the four walls of music.

Oxlade’s Biography

Oxlade a Nigeria hot youngstar a voice over artists. lASU STAR  (lagos State University).

Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan profoundly known as Oxlade by fans a.K.a ( OX  ). He was born 22nd April 1997 he’s 23 years (2020).

Studied at Lagos State University ( history and international relations).

Early Beginning

However coming up from the scratch  has never been easy, intimidation, pain and restrictions.

His love for music and entertainment never cease to exist his affection for music began,  in him right from his secondary school days.

Despite the restrictions and refusal from his father, he continued with he’s fate for music.

Before he was admitted, into lagos State University were he took up his passion for music seriously.

like other artists, his journey kick up from the church along side a creative videographer.

He was an assistant choir master, in which  he was accused of producing circular (worldly) songs.

It affected his service in church. He then dropped out of school after being admitted into  history and international relation department.

this act didn’t went well because he’s father wasn’t pleased with it he stop catering for he’s needs.

Oxalade stopped producing music he was at the peak of giving up on music, a popular artists by the name “Blaqbonez” heard his single titled “sour” planned on collaborating with him.

At this point  there was a glimpse of encouragement steering up in him, after on one of Nigeria major artist Davido.

A.k.A OBO gave him written words of encouragement on his  instagram page.

after he listened to one of his song lyrics, at this  point Oxlade was refreshed  with lots of  encouragement.

According to Oxlade “this message came at the point when I was about giving up on music”.

Categorizing his kind of music as “Afro fusion ”  OX participated in a bit of country  and soul.

which all  his origin was from his home town expressing it through his country  music, he’s sign to knostra music .

All Oxlade’s Songs

  • DkT
  • Away Away (2020).
  • plenty love
  • Greed
  • Hold On (Oxygen 2020)
  • Koni Koni
  • Angelina
  • 02(Shugar)
  • Kokose
  • Weakness
  • Causing Trouble
  • Table Turn
  • Good love
  • Legend
  • Vacancy
  • Det Money
  • Herman Ep
  • Fall (Fall 2020)
  • Mexicana
  • Questionaire
  • Ojoro
  • Everywhere  Ep 2019
  • Change
  • Happiness 2018
  • African girl
  • Flora 2019
  • Little Helper 239-2(2016)
  • Underground floor
  • Craze
  • Little Italy
  • The best of knostra 3 years 2020
  • Want see me step back Ep -2016
  • Start people (pyramid 2016)

Net Worth

Oxlade  net worth has not yet being verified. With the estimate of he’s worth it’s calculated $40,000- $60,000.

Oxlade’s Real Age and Country of Origin

Age is not constant it changes you can run your own  calculation 22 April 1997-2020 (23) currently. He was born in Nigeria  and he base in Lagos.

Marital Status



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