Rema and Fireboy: Who is Richer?


Rema and Fireboy: Who is Richer?

It has been a trend over the years about the Nigerian superstars who is more richer, in this post you get to know who is more richer and how they became wealthy.

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Rema’s Net Worth

Rema a global hit fire, who has been realising hot vibe and jam over the years known for is use of words and super lyric.

Over the years rema has endorsement from several brand and companies and some he was made an ambassador and his price rang was above $100,000 and above.

He’s well known among other top celebrities in Nigeria and other Countries.

Coming to conclusions, rema has an estimated Net Worth of 1.9million dollars.

Moving quickly to our own fireboy DML the hit star of music a round of “applause” for fireboy just kidding, but if you like fireboy a round of applause for him.

Fireboy’s Net Worth

Fireboy DML, it’s no news how fireboy came into the music industry. Fire boy started his musical career at his tender age with some friends who they  but record music together.

fireboy he’s also endorse by other brands. Fireboy has an estimated Net Worth of  $998,000 United States dollars.

Now we checking in every related questions on each celebrities Rema and Fireboy.

Highlights on Rema

Rema’s Source of Wealth

Rema source of Wealth his is Music and songwriting Career.

What is Rema real name?

Rema’s real name is Divine Ikubor.

What State is Rema from?

Rema is from the southern part of Nigeria, Edo state to be precise.

Where was Rema born and Brought up?

Rema was raised from a Christian family brought up in Edo state Nigeria.

Is Rema Twin?

It’s no news how rema meet with his identical self, and he then identified her as his sister, it was in conclusion that God created us “duals” hillarous.

Who is Rema’s Father?

Rema father is Justice ikubor, it’s was said by that his l rema Father is Late.

What killed Rema’s Brother?

With an update from Rema in his song ginger me, he narrated what caused his brothers death. He said his brother died as a result of bad health care facility.

” he’s brother was undergoing surgery in the hospital where the doctor incharge of the surgery, use a candle light as lighting for the ongoing surgery. He’s brother was cut at the wrong spot and he bleed to death, Rip bro”.

Moving quickly down to  Fireboy’s highlights.

What is Fireboy Real name?

Fireboy real name is Adedamola Adefolahan

Where is Fireboy from?

His from Ogun state, Nigeria.

What is the Meaning of DML?

DML is an acronym that means Damola.

Is Joeboy Fireboy brother?

There are not in any way related they just industry brothers and friends at best.

  Who is Fireboy’s Father

This information has not yet been clarified, but according to a statement made by Fireboy he claimed that Mr Latin is his father.

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