Top 10 Richest Igbo Gospel Musicians in Nigeria

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Here’s the official list of the top 10 richest Igbo gospel musicians in Nigeria. These set of singers are Igbo singers and they have managed to garner fans across the country, reach out to souls through their songs and ministrations, and have gained fame in the gospel music sphere.

Here’s our list of the top Igbo gospel musicians in Nigeria today…

Top 10 Richest Igbo Gospel Musicians in Nigeria:

1. Prince Gozie Okeke

Prince Gozie Okeke is one of Nigeria’s most popular Igbo gospel musicians who has gained fame not only in the eastern region, but in other regions of the country. He rose to fame after the release of his album titled “Akancha”.

The album was sold in millions to Igbo gospel music lovers across the country and this propelled the careers of Prince Gozie Okeke and his wife, Princess Njideka into greater heights.

Although certain wrongdoings have been marked on the part of Prince Gozie Okeke, he keeps making more money and staying in the spotlight amidst all critics.

2. Chinyere Udoma

Chinyere Udoma is yet another famous singer in the Igbo language. She’s a talented and blessed musician who’s respected in across the nation.

In the journey of being a successful gospel musician, she has ministered on different platforms and concerts organized within and outside the country, Nigeria.

3. Cornelius Benjamin

Based in the city of Abs in Imo State, Nigeria, Cornelius Benjamin is a popular Nigerian gospel musician who has gotten the attention of hundreds of thousands of people through his gospel songs. He’s a top Igbo gospel musician in Nigeria from whom more is expected.

4. Israel Anyaele

Based in Aba, Imo State in Nigeria, Israel Anyaele is a top Igbo gospel musician in Nigeria. He has released 17 albums in his “N’ulo Nnam Nigwe” series which has sold for thousands across the country.

He has also released “Ihe Adiwo Mma” series which has also been the favourite for many Igbo music lovers in Nigeria.

He’s a minister who ministers in church concerts and other gospel gathering, music composer and Igbo gospel songwriter

5. Chioma Jesus

A very gifted and anointed Igbo gospel singer in Nigeria is Chioma Jesus. She has been able to gain fame in her music career through miraculous ministrations at churches and at different concerts.

Chioma Jesus has takes God first before money, she’s a mother in the music ministry to several other ministers arising.

6. Paul Nwokeocha

He’s based in the eastern part of Nigeria and he’s a topnotch Igbo gospel music act. Paul Nwokeocha joins the club of Igbo singers who travel across regions in Nigeria for ministrations. No doubt, he’s talented and has the gift taking him places.

7. Chinedu Nwadike

Chinedu Nwadike is yet another top Igbo gospel musician in Nigeria based in Owerri. Though not as popular in the southern and western region like Prince Gozie Okeke, he holds ground as a top Igbo gospel singer in Owerri State.

8. Princess Njideka Okeke

Princess Njideka Okeke is one of the richest Igbo gospel musicians and she’s the wife of Prince Prince Gozie Okeke who introduced her into the music circle.

Her husband, Prince Gozie, mentored her into recording good songs and taught her everything she needed to know therein.

Fortunately, Princess Njideka Okeke has sold millions of copies of her album series titled “Ministration Worship” and she relies on her husband who is her hope and encouragement to make decisions in her career.

She earns from being both a gospel singer and a Nollywood actress who has starred in a number of movies.

9. Blessed Samuel

Another very popular eastern gospel musician is Blessed Samuel. He’s gifted and posses as one of the richest gospel musicians in the Igbo language in Nigeria.

He has worked with Prince Gozie Okeke, a very prominent and wealthy igbo gospel musician.

10. Godson Godfrey

Godson Godfrey is a popular igbo minister, worship leader, speaker and choir director in Imo State. He’s popular for his spirit filled songs and worship ministrations.


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