Who is Richer Between E money and P square 2022?


Who is richer between e money and p square

Who is richer between E Money and P Square, what is their net worth?

Gossips about the prestigious life of E Money have been studied in the media for a long time now.

Emeka is a billionaire and younger brother to Kcee, who’s also pretty wealthy, but not as wealthy as the Oil & Gas business mogul.

A few people have even said and concluded that he’s richer than most Nigerian musicians, but when posed with the question juxtaposing Emeka with the richest of Nigerian musicians, P Square, it lands in endless arguments.

I aim to compare and contrast the publicly known wealth value of both personalities; E Money and P Square, leaving you to a final opinion of your choice.

Who is richer between E money and P Square?

The facts should tell you a long way…

E Money Net Worth and Endorsement Deals 

E money endorsement deals

Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E Money is a Nigerian billionaire and successful business person.

He is a top earning personality in both the entertainment industry in Nigeria and Oil & Gas shipping, production and distribution business in Nigeria.

E Money is the CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited and the Boss at Five Star Records; a top music record label in Nigeria.

Emeka’s assets run into billions of dollars as he has houses and cars as expensive as those of Presidents and politicians.

He also has completely golden items which cost millions and he has been warned by State authorities due to his lavish display of wealth.

The multi-billionaire is mostly seen dressed in white Jalabiya like the Arabians, and and for this reason, he’s fondly called Arab Money.

In terms of wealth, E Money could only be richer than almost every other person in the Nigeria entertainment industry, apart from a few people who are masters in the game, with an estimated net worth of $27 million dollars.

P Square Net Worth and Endorsement Deals 

P square net worth

The P Square are the most influential music duo singers in Africa and are also recognized internationally.

They’re currently the richest musicians in Nigeria, before Don Jazzy (at the time of this writing).

Owing to the fact that they’re twins, this makes them more attractive and gain acceptance by millions worldwide.

Putting their wealth apart, Paul and Peter Okoye would still be on the list of top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, and even Africa independently.

They’ve made over N3 billion naira from album sales, events attendance and endorsement deals.

P Square’s mansion in Banana Ireland, Lagos State, is worth over N1.5 billion naira.

They’ve also signed a deal worth over N100 million naira with Globacom; one of Nigeria’s most used and utilised mobile telecommunications network companies.

P Square (Peter and Paul Okoye) also have in their possession Yachts, a Limousine, flashy SUVs, customised iPhones and other items worth billions of naira.

These twin brothers also have investments across Nigeria and outside the chores of the country and continent.

As you must have imagined, they’ve performed in several African and American States.

P Square collectively has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars.


Who is the richest between them?

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